Inked Teacher

Hello all and welcome to: The Profe Podcast: the mis-education of adrian aragones.

We had some technical difficulties but managed to resolve the issue – for the most part. However, as we work to put things back in order, the Podcast’s introduction and an explanation of our goals and purpose is found below.

As a friendly reminder, after the introduction, a 3-part series about the term Mexican American will air shortly. The new release date for the episodes are as follows:

  1. (Thurs., March 7th) Mexican-American: why the hyphen if we are all Americans?
  2. (Thurs., March 14th) Mexican American: the cultural and historical perspective and perception.
  3. (Thurs,. March 21st) Mexican American: contemporary issues and where to do we go from here?

Thanks for your patience and we look forward to your continued support. If you are stopping by for the first time, thank you!

Hasta pronto! Talk to you soon….

Inked Teacher

Inked Teacher

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