Lesson Plans

Here are some lesson plans that I revised so as to adhere to the conversion from a face-to-face class to a 100% online class. Admittedly, while I do have experience teaching online, and I also already incorporate Blackboard into my traditional in-class courses, the transition was a bit uneasy.

My classes are centered on the experience of the student. I am a fan of Paulo Freire’s “Pedagogy of the Oppressed”. So, students are the center of my teaching universe. If students don’t trust you, are not comfortable and safe in a classroom, many a teaching effort is wasted.

This syllabus is for a survey Chicano Studies Course. Under normal conditions, assignments, activities, and conversations are geared to helping students develop critical-thinking, analytical skills, and solid writing practices. Of course, they will learn important information related to Chicano Studies, I like to impart skill-sets that will help them in whatever scenario they find themselves in their college and professional career.

So the trick here is to keep my promise about developing certain skills while building on their already-existing talents. And, at the same time, help them navigate through this chaotic time. Granted, I feel anxieties as a teacher, parent, husband, and community member. My goal is never to be a “saving grace” per se. But, I try to be sympathetic as well as empathetic where and when I can…. Feel free to check out my Chicano Syllabus to see how I approached the shift from a traditional in-class course to a 100% online format.